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0.25g Specna Arms EDGE™ BIO Precision BBs – 1kg – White


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0.25g Specna Arms EDGE™ BIO Precision BBs – 1kg – White


The Specna Arms® brand, already well-known for the high quality of its replicas, has come out with yet another first: a line of professional BBs that is unmatched in its accuracy and precision. You’ll find the finest ammunition for ASG replicas in the extensive selection of EDGE BBs, made by the real experts when it comes to precision BBs, Taiwanese BLS.

The standard deviation of EDGE BB weight is less than 0.01 g, and their diameter is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005 mm). As a result, standard barrels are a good fit for Specna Arms EDGE BBs, while precision barrels bring out their full potential.

Every BB produced by Specna Arms receives a meticulous high-polish at the end of the manufacturing process. After that, EDGE BBs are coated with a special layer that reduces friction, making them compatible with precision barrels without any issues. Hop-Up buckings work more effectively with this setup as well.

The manufacturer has total control over the manufacturing process, allowing for perfectly round BBs with no seams or cavities to show. Excellent shot consistency is achieved by the BB’s low centre of gravity and absence of internal air space.

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