120rd Mid-cap magazine for M4/M16 (5 pcs pack) – black/tan




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120rd Mid-cap magazine for M4/M16 (5 pcs
pack) – black/tan

Made from polymer, mid cap-type magazine,
dedicated for M4/M16 replicas. Magazine for 120 BB’s

It’s a 5 pack – 5
magazines set.

Remember! To make sure your magazines will be working for a long time without and
problem, you need to remember some simple rules:

1. While using your magazine first time, do not load it fully.
2. First you have to put some silicone oil into magazine and then :
–  Load 10 BB’s then remove them.
–  Load 20 BB’s then remove them.
– Replay these steps, adding more BB’s until you reach the limit. Then repeat
the process 3-4 times.
3. It’s good to remember about further maintenance using silicone oil.
4. Be careful – when magazines are not
used, do not leave them loaded!
 It leads to spring and magazine
wearing off faster.



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