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175BBs S-Mag Mid-Cap Magazine for J-Series – Black


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175BBs S-Mag Mid-Cap magazine for J-Series – Black

The Specna Arms brand provides products to Aisoft players with a combination of low prices and top-tier replica quality. Specna Arms products were always tested in extreme conditions before they were introduced to the public due to active participation in the development of Airsoft activities and many years of experience. We encourage you to explore our extensive selection of Airsoft replicas, accessories, and tuning parts.

Polymer S-Mag magazines are available from Specna Arms. They have a compact, long-lasting structure and a slim design. The distinctive texture of the Specna Arms logo on the magazines is noteworthy. The magazine is made of strong plastic and can hold 175 BBs.

Despite being a unique design, these magazines are compatible with the majority of replicas on the market and fits perfectly into various types of tactical pouches. Even at high ROF, S-mag ensures trouble-free BB feeding.

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