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 1911 Hex Cut V.3 Pistol Replica

 The exceptionally stylish 1911 Hex Cut V.3 WE pistol replica was made with the utmost attention to detail. The slide, frame, grip linings and the pistol magazine are made of metal. The grip panels have a Honeycomb texture, thanks to which they not only look great, but also provide a firm grip and control of the replica. The quality of the finish and the fitting of the elements can be seen and felt immediately after taking the replica into your hand. The materials used make its weight similar to the original counterpart. 

 The safety is fully functional and work similarly to the original counterpart – the first one is the grip safety at the back of the handle, which allows you to shoot only when the pistol is properly positioned in your hand, the second one is a safety lock. 

 Thanks to the use of a strong blow-back system, it was possible to recreate the feeling of shooting a real weapon – the system sets in motion the bolt, which retracts with each shot and after emptying the magazine it remains in the rear position. It causes the “kick” effect of the replica and greatly enhances the sensation and pleasure of firing the pistol.  

 The replica comes with a metal magazine which, apart from the gas cartridge, can hold 15 BBs.

The set includes:

– replica  
– magazine

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