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SPECNA ARMS – DANIEL DEFENSE – MK18 SA-E19 EDGE Carbine Replica – Black




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DANIEL DEFENSE – MK18 SA-E19 EDGE Carbine Replica – Black

The EDGE™  range of replicas from Specna Arms combines a variety of features and technologies that are difficult to find in other competing products. It is a series that emphasises excellent exterior craftsmanship, solutions that increase the replica’s adaptability, lengthen its lifespan, simplify malfunction diagnosis, and make it easier to tune the replica’s power. You receive a duplicate that is ready to use right out of the box; however, modifications are not necessary and can be done quite easily if they are.

In collaboration with the EMG Arms company, the replica was made. The USA-based guns manufacturer Daniel Defense®, which has been in business since 2002 and specialises in producing various AR15 variations and accessories, as well as custom orders from USSOCOM, has etched licenced markings on the carbine.

The replica’s components were all expertly crafted and installed with meticulous attention to every last detail. Additionally, the body has a scratch-resistant Nano Coating finish. Additionally, the body has a unique serial number that is further verified by a second hologram and a double-sided tactical sling swivel.

An RIS 22 mm handguard is included with the SA-E19 carbine replica. A typical muzzle device is mounted on a 14 mm CCW thread on the barrel. Flip-up iron sights are located on the top of the reproduction.

The carbine has a Polish GATE MOSFET X-ASR module installed from the factory. This partnership between a Polish producer and a business known for its airsoft replicas is unprecedented. The best MOSFET X-ASR ensures the safety of the replica parts, enhances trigger response, and prolongs the life of the battery and electronics. Thanks to built-in status diodes, it will also make it possible to diagnose simple defects inside the copy.

The internal precision barrel of the replica, which has a diameter of 6.03 mm, ensures exceptional firing accuracy and consistency. A novel kind of Hop-Up rotary chamber that integrates with the barrel enables extremely accurate and reliable BB spin adjustment.

He has an ESATM Quick Spring Change System in the replica. With the aid of that system, it is possible to quickly and easily adjust the replica’s power to the conditions anticipated on the playing field without the need for access to a workshop or a collection of specialised tools. All that is needed to do is remove the stock tube in order to gain access to the spring so that it can be removed without having to pull out or disassemble the gearbox.

It’s challenging to overestimate the benefits of the ESA™  technology. The system ensures the User a wide range of options and plenty of freedom in light of existing internal laws within distinct groupings. The ESA™  system makes it possible to quickly swap out the main spring and, as a result, adjust the muzzle velocity in the direction of the game area in order to ensure the best possible trade-off between the firepower of the weapon and everyone else’s safety. Another M90 main spring that works well for indoor operations is also contained in the box along with the replica.

The ORION gearbox, which is built on a strengthened frame and has the ability to release the main spring, is at the centre of the reproduction. The replica comes with a variety of premium components, which gives it a reputation for dependability and readiness for additional tuning. The ORION gearbox is prepared to work with M140 springs.

There are components within:

– Reinforced polymer piston
– Aluminium, air-sealed nozzle
– Aluminium, double air-sealed cylinder head
– Aluminium, double air-sealed piston head with bearings
– Bearing-mounted spring guide
– Steel gears
– 8 mm ball bearings

Battery and charger are not included!

Included in set:

  • Carbine replica
  • Two S-Mag mid capacity magazine
  • Extra M90 spring
  • RIS rail grip
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Diagnostic card for Gate X-ASR