4402D sniper rifle replica (with scope and bipod) – black





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4402D  sniper rifle replica (with scope and bipod) – black

The replica is made of metal elements and plastic. The replica’s body is made of plastic while as the rest of the elements such as the barrel, the bolt carrier, the cocking handle, the trigger, the magazine holding 36 BB pellets and the 22mm RIS rail are made of metal. After unscrewing two screws you disassemble the replica into two parts: the barrel assembly with the trigger mechanism and the replica’s body.

The classical body which is characteristic for this model was made of durable plastic just like the profiled cheek-pad. The replica lies in the hands perfectly and firing it is very comfortable. The stock which is adjustable with the help of pads is also very important and allows to take a comfortable position by every shooter on the condition of  adjusting its length properly. Such construction allows a full adaptation to the shooter’s anatomy and, what is followed by it – staying immobile for a longer period of time  what in the case of a sniper plays a vital role.

There is a RIS rail located on the bottom part of the body which allows to mount the bipod which is included with the set and which guarantees a better stability while firing. The barrel is ended with a flash-hider. After unscrewing the overlay we gain an outer 16mm clockwise thread. After unscrewing the whole flash-hider we gain an exterior 23mm clock-wise thread.

The set includes a scope with a 4-16 time magnification and the lens’ diameter of 50mm that is mounted on the top RIS rail. The scope itself is equipped with a set of smaller RIS rails which allow to attach additional smaller devices as a laser target marker, for example.

The set includes:

– the replica
– a magazine holding
– a set of tools
– a speed-loader
– a bipod
– a scope


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