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Electro River ™ is a new product of
exceptional quality on the LiPo battery pack market. The manufacturer
has created a product that matches the quality of the best players on the
battery market while maintaining an affordable price.
The brand offers very
long-lasting packs as well as those designed with limited space for power
supply in mind – even battery packs similar in size to a cigarette lighter! 

The high quality of the cables and plugs guarantees maximum use of
the energy potential of the battery by minimizing losses during energy
transfer. This also prevents the contacts from overheating. Each cell has
been protected with the NanoSafe® system in order to minimize potential
ignition of the pack as a result of severe damage.

Thanks to the Subzero
Power® technology low temperature performance has been significantly increased.
 Even at subzero
temperatures, the self-discharge rate is very low. The high fidelity of
each cell and other elements ensures minimal internal resistance and voltage
resistance under load. As a result of the above-mentioned features, up to
20% more charging cycles were achieved than in other Li-Po batteries!
makes the Electro River ™ products an attractive offer both for beginners and
advanced users of LiPo batteries. 

Lithium Ion Polymer (LiPo) packs are the successors to the
well-known Lithium Ion (LiIon) packets. The main advantage of LiPo batteries is
the ratio of capacity to size. They are very compact in size, while maintaining
a very high current efficiency, which allows you to choose the right package
for practically every AEG replica. They do not have the so-called “memory
effect”. They can be recharged very frequently without being discharged first.
Frequent charging is beneficial for this kind of battery.

 Remember not to discharge the LiPo pack
below 3V
per cell and not to overcharge over 4.2V per cell. Another
perk of LiPo packets is the small percentage of self-discharge. An unused pack
loses about 3-5% of energy per month. You should keep an eye on the pack,
because during very long storage, discharge below the permissible minimum value
(3V per cell) and irreversible chemical reactions may result in deterioration
of the package properties, including permanent damage, and in extreme cases –
ignition. An unused LiPo pack should have an average charge of about 70%. 

When properly used, the work-time of LiPo packs is on average
500-700 cycles An important aspect is the temperature at which LiPo packets can
operate. Unlike other rechargeable batteries, LiPo cells can cope well in low
temperatures.  Instead, they should be charged in room temperature. In
order to maintain the good condition of LiPo batteries, they should be balanced
during charging with the service plug, which most LiPo packages have (a good
LiPo charger has a built-in balancer).

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