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Specna Arms – RRA & Strike Industries SA-E17-L EDGE™ Airsoft Assault Rifle – Light Ops Stock


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Specna Arms – RRA & Strike Industries SA-E17-L EDGE™
Airsoft Assault Rifle – Light Ops Stock


EDGE ™ is a series of Specna Arms replicas that combines a range
of innovative solutions and technologies difficult to find in other replicas on
currently the market. The series focuses on a very good external build,
solutions increasing the replica’s versatility, longevity, facilitating failure
diagnostics, and susceptibility to power tuning. Straight
out of the box
you will get a replica in which you won’t have
to make any kind of modifications, unless you want to – which will be
remarkably simple. 


The replica has full, licensed markings of the firearms
manufacturer – Rock River Arms. It is an American manufacturer of gun
parts and accessories, but most of all high-quality AR-15 carbines. The
company, founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers, with Les Baer, is based in
Colona, Illinois. Today, the RRA supplies its rifles on contract to, among
others, the DEA, FBI and US Marshals anti-drug agency.


Each element of the replica was carefully made and fitted with
great attention to every detail, in addition to the finish of the body,Nano
was used to prevent wear and tear. The body features deeply
Rock River Arms markings and an individual serial number
with an additional hologram. Some of the more noteworthy details include
the QD pistol grip, providing easy and quick
access to the engine without the need for tools, and a double-sided
tactical sling mounting eye.


The SA-E08 carbine replica comes equipped with a front rail in
the KEYMOD mounting system on which various
tactical accessories can be mounted: flashlights, grips, laser pointers and
optical sights. The set contains 3 sections of mounting rails.
Foldable mechanical sights were placed on the top RIS rail. The barrel
of the replica is ended with a muzzle device mounted on a 14mm CCW


The carabiner has a factory-installed MOSFET
system of the Polish brand: GATE. It
is an unprecedented cooperation between the Polish manufacturer and a
well-known factory of airsoft replicas. The highest quality MOSFET X-ASR will
take care of the safety of the replica’s components, improve the trigger
response and the longevity of the internal electronics and the battery, and
will also allow you to diagnose basic trouble-shooting and errors inside the
replica thanks to the built-in signaling diodes. 


The replica has a build in 6.03 mm diameter internal precision
, which will ensure perfect accuracy and precision of
shots. A new type of rotary Hop-Up chamber
is compatible with the precision barrel, which allows for more precise and
stable adjustment of the BB’s precision and accuracy. 


One of the replica’s features is a quick
spring change system, ESA ™.
The system allows for a quick and
efficient adjustment of the replica’s power to the requirements in the field of
play, without the need of tool usage – just unscrew the stock guide to reveal
the access to the spring, without having to remove or disassemble the

The advantages of the ESA™ system cannot be
overestimated. In the light of the arrangements existing within the airsoft
environments, this system guarantees the user a considerable amount of
possibilities and a lot of freedom. The ESA ™ system allows you
to quickly, with little to no effort change the main
spring, and thus adjust the muzzle velocity of the replica to the requirements
of the game organizer. This guarantees an ideal compromise between the
effectiveness of firing your shots and your own safety and the safety of other
players. The whole set also includes a second M90 main spring,
which is perfect for indoor games.

The heart of the replica is the ORION gearbox
based on a reinforced chassis and equipped with the main spring release
function. The replica straight out of the box has a number of very high-quality
parts, thanks to which it maintains a very good work culture and is prepared
for further tuning. ORION Gearbox is made to work with M140
 Inside the replica there are such elements as:

– reinforced polymer piston with a full steel jaw
– Aluminum, sealed nozzle
– aluminum, sealed cylinder head
– Polymer, sealed piston head with bearings
– a spring guide with bearings
– a set of steel gears
– 8mm ball bearings


The replica comes with two S-MAG mid-cap
with a capacity of 125 BB’s each. The S-MAG is an
exclusive polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. The characteristic texture
of the Specna Arms logo on the magazines is something noteworthy. S-mag ensures
trouble-free feeding of BB’s, even at high ROF.

Package include:

  • 2 x mid-cap S-MAG magazine
  • QC certificate
  • GATE X-ASR Diagnostics Card
  • Instruction
  • Replica
  • M90 additional spring
  • Vertical Grip

Package exclude:

  • The set does not include the battery nor charger
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Battery Included

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