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AA/APFG MCX Rattler SOCOME PDW Style Gas Blowback Rifle (Black) – 213588


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The APFG SOCOM PDW is a cutting-edge gas blowback (GBB) airsoft rifle that blends the compact power of the MCX Rattler design with the versatility of an M4A1 lower receiver. Engineered for precision and performance, this rifle is perfect for airsoft enthusiasts who demand the best.

Unrivaled Design and Build Quality

  • SOCOM PDW Style: Combining a shortened barrel with a collapsible stock, the SOCOM PDW style offers exceptional maneuverability without sacrificing accuracy.
  • MCX Rattler Upper: This unique upper receiver design boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic and is compatible with a wide range of accessories.
  • M4A1 Lower: The familiar M4A1 lower ensures compatibility with standard M4 magazines and accessories.
  • M-LOK Handguard: The M-LOK rail system allows for easy customization, giving you the freedom to attach lights, grips, and other tactical accessories.
  • Taiwanese Craftsmanship: Made in Taiwan, this airsoft rifle is built to exacting standards, ensuring durability and reliability on the field.

Performance and Functionality

  • Quick Adjust HOP-UP: Easily fine-tune your shots for optimal range and accuracy.
  • QD Suppressor: The included SRD762-QD style suppressor not only looks great but also features an inner barrel extension for increased performance.
  • Foldable Stock: The MCX MINI style aluminum CNC folding stock allows for compact storage and transport.
  • 30-Round Gas Magazine: The M4 STANAG style gas magazine is compatible with other VFC M4 style magazines.
  • Realistic Blowback Action: The GBB system delivers a satisfying recoil impulse and enhances the overall shooting experience.
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