Adapter kamery do teleskopu

Adapter kamery do teleskopu


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Opticon Telescope Camera Adapter

Most of us have the urge of capturing special moments and the beauty around us. The same is true for space observation. It’s great to observe Saturn’s rings or a lunar eclipse, but we also want to be able to go back to these views and it’s possible with astrophotography.

A camera for a telescope or a photo camera allow us to take pictures and record celestial bodies, but it is necessary to have an adapter.

How does the photo adapter function?

The adapter allows you to connect these devices with an astronomical telescope. Thanks to this, we can take a photo or record what we see with the eyepiece in the telescope. Proper installation of the adapter, as well as the settings of the camera or camcorder itself, allow you to stabilize the image, and thus take better quality photos and videos.

Which devices is the Photo Adapter compatible with?

The photo adapter can be mounted to a spotting scope or mirror, but you need to know the model. You also need to know the parameters of the eyepiece. The Opticon Adapter has a mount that fits the 0.98″ and 1.25″ focuser and is compatible with the following telescope models:

– OPTICON Constellation PRO 90F1000EQ telescope
– OPTICON ProWatcher 70F900EQ telescope
– OPTICON Sky Navigator 70F700EQ telescope
– OPTICON Horizon EX 76F900AZ telescope
– OPTICON Discovery 114F900AZ telescope
– OPTICON Galaxy 150F1400EQ telescope
– OPTICON Universe 114F1000EQ telescope
– OPTICON Zodiac 76F900EQ telescope
– OPTICON StarQuest 76F300DOB telescope
– OPTICON Constellation 80F900EQ telescope

How to mount the camera adapter to the telescope?

The camera adapter is mounted to the eyepiece focuser. The lens of the camera is stably fixed to the eyepiece through it, but the device itself can be moved appropriately to sharpen the image and thus obtain a better quality of the recording or photo.

The assembly is simple and quick, so even beginners will be able to do it. And when we gain the appropriate experience, the whole procedure should not take more than a few seconds.

An important feature of the adapter is certainly the fact that it is made of a combination of durable steel and strong aluminum, thus making the device last us for years to come.

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