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Tactical Gloves with Armored Claws for Accuracy

Armored Claw gloves are a fantastic alternative for any circumstance when hand protection is required. Both in warfare and in everyday use. Because the Armored Claw range of gloves was built with officers of uniformed services in mind, not only airsoft fans, they are also meant for Users for whom battle is everyday business.

Armored Claw gloves are comprised of high-quality, time-tested materials that ensure their dependability and longevity. Among these are Dupontoriginal, Kevlar and Nomex fibres, as well as Schoeller SwitzerlandKeprotec protective material. Spandex, neoprene, natural and artificial leather were used to create comfort, breathability, and simple adjustment to the User’s hand.

Accuracy is an approach that allows accurate operation, especially when using little components. Their cut and materials used in manufacture ensure optimal comfort, elasticity, and protection. The upper layer was comprised of Spandex and neoprene, a material known for its exceptional flexibility while also being resistant to permanent stretching.

The interior of a hand is made of high-quality synthetic leather with a net-like design. A construction like this considerably enhances grip – glove slippage is minimised to a bare minimum. Despite the use of a single layer of cloth, it is also exceptionally resistant to wear.

A panel situated on the outside of the thumb is a unique approach that improves comfort. It is constructed of a material that absorbs a lot of moisture and is great for wiping perspiration off your brow or wiping the mist off your goggles. All materials were chosen to enable optimal accuracy when wearing gloves, as well as superior thermal comfort and moisture wicking.

Anti-slip pads on the inside of the thumb and index finger enable for easy operation of touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. The elastic lower half of a glove allows it to more readily conform to the wrist, and there is a convenient hook and loop fastening on the exterior.

This set comes as a pair of gloves, one in left handed and one in right handed. Each glove is made in the standard pattern of four fingers and one thumb, allowing most users to wear them in the usual glove format.

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