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When searching for long-lasting tactical and survival gear, look no further than the offerings from Armored Claw. Accessories such as gloves, balaclavas, and other headwear are useful in both the workplace and the battlefield. Armored Claw products were developed not only for airsoft enthusiasts, but also for uniformed officers, for whom this fight is a daily job.

For years, Armored Claw has used only the highest-quality, most dependable materials to construct their gloves, ensuring their reliability and durability. These include authentic DuPont® Kevlar® and Nomex® fibres, as well as the Keprotec® protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland®. Spandex, neoprene, natural and synthetic leather are used to create gloves that are soft, flexible, and breathable.

When the temperature outside is soaring, turn to the Hot Weather series. Even in high-stress situations, your hands won’t get sweaty thanks to the high-quality materials and strategically placed ventilation perforations. These gloves retain the same thickness and strength of the outer material without the use of any additional lining. The gloves will still provide full protection to the wearer’s hands without any sacrifices.

When it comes to gloves, the Armored Claw family has you covered with a wide variety of options. This company’s selection includes gloves that are resistant to cuts and flames and are reinforced to withstand accidental bumps and abrasions.

Even when working with very tiny objects, the Accuracy model ensures that no detail is overlooked. The manufacturer has selected a style and composition that optimally balances wearer convenience, mobility, and safety. The gloves’ exteriors are made of Spandex and neopren, which are both highly resistant to permanent stretching while maintaining their pliability.

High-quality synthetic leather with a unique mesh-like pattern was used for the palm side of the glove. In this way, the grip is greatly enhanced, and the possibility of the gloves slipping is greatly diminished. Most importantly, the inside is highly abrasion-resistant despite only having a single layer of material.

One unique feature that enhances usability is a panel placed just to the outside of the thumb. Because of its highly absorbent construction, you can use it to clear your fogged goggles or dab at sweat on your forehead with ease. The manufacturer selected these components with the end user’s greatest precision at heart, ensuring optimal moisture control and thermal comfort.

Anti-slip panels are used at the thumb and index finger tips on the inside, making it easy to use touch screens on mobile devices. An external velcro closure allows the wearer to customise the size. The flexibility of the glove’s bottom adds to its wearability and ease of adjustment to the wrist.

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