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When you need protection for your hands, Armored Claw gloves are the best option. When put to use in battle as well as in regular life. These gloves aren’t just for hobbyists who play with airsoft guns; the Armored Claw line was made with officers in the armed forces in mind.

The reliability and longevity of Armored Claw gloves are guaranteed by the use of premium, time-tested materials. Among them are Schoeller Switzerland’s Keprotec® protective fabric and DuPont’s Kevlar® and Nomex® fibres. Materials like Spandex and synthetic leathers allowed for flexibility, breathability, and a snug fit that didn’t restrict the user’s hand.

A wide variety of gloves with varying levels of protection are available in the Armored Claw product line. All of this is done so the user can select the best model for his or her specific requirements: gloves that don’t catch fire, won’t tear, and are reinforced to withstand shock and other forms of trauma.

The Quick Release is a brand new glove design from the makers of the Armored Claw line. These gloves are extremely versatile due to their lightweight construction and straightforward design, making them suitable for both combat and everyday use. The gloves’ stretchy nature and the User’s hand’s individual shape mean that they are extremely well suited to the task at hand. Quick Release gloves are so convenient that they can be considered an EDC (Every Day Carry) item and kept wherever work needs to be done.

The Quick Release gloves’ outer layer was constructed from Spandex, a material known for its high elasticity and resistance to permanent stretching. High-quality synthetic leather lines the palm of a hand. Having a single layer of leather on the fingers improves grip and allows for more dexterous work. Touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets can be operated with ease thanks to anti-slip panels on the thumb and finger tips.

The gloves are much easier to put on thanks to the elastic stitching on the wrist, and they offer more protection to the wearer’s wrists thanks to the slightly extended cuff.

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