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Armored Claw Shield Cut tactical gloves

Armored Claw™ is designed for the most demanding users, both civilian and military or law enforcement. The Armored Claw™ gloves use such fabrics as Kevlar®, Nomex®, Dynetex® and Schoeller Keptrotec®. Thanks to that, you can find fire-resistant, cut-resistant and reinforced products among the products line – all depending on your needs. Many models are equipped with protective pads and reinforced areas, e.g. on wrists and knuckles. This guarantees the highest possible protection against injuries.

Armored Claw™ gloves can also work with touch screens in smartphones, tablets etc. Making the long story short: the Armored Claw™ is a complex line meeting all of the requirements imposed by not only airsoft, but also the modern battlefield.

Only the very best, field tested for long years materials have been used to create Armored Claw gloves, thus guaranteeing their reliability and endurance. Among the materials there are original Kevlar® and Nomex® fabrics manufactured by DuPont®, the list also includes Keprotec® engineered by Schoeller Switzerland®. Great comfort has been achieved thanks to use of additional materials such as Spandex, neopren, natural and synthetic leathers.

Armored Claw product line contains a huge selection of different gloves offering different levels of protection. All that to let the customer select the right model for his specific needs: fire retardant / cut resistant / or reinforced lining to provide more protection against impacts and injuries.

The presented Shield Cut model of Armored Claw gloves line guarantees the best available protection against physical injuries caused by impact, especially present during hand to hand combat.

The main, and the most important element of this model is the stiff protector – the armor on the top part of the glove. It’s made using the original Keprotec® technology engineered by Schoeller® company. The polimer, ergonomically shaped to fit the hand’s profile is further lined using Kevlar®, which in turn creates a solid armor that absorbs most fist-impact. This profile also provides protection against painful abrasions, because it covers the part of the hand that is most exposed to for this kind of injuries.  

The rest outer part was made of spandex what despite the use of the Keprotec makes the gloves very elastic and it makes that the gloves fit to the shape of the hand. The inner part, on the other hand… is made of synthetic leather which is additionally reinforced with an extra layer in the most vulnerable places. The adjustment is made by the hook&loop closing system. 

The elastic bottom part of the glove adjusts to the wrist, the inner part is hook&loop-fastened, allowing to adjust it.

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