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If you’re looking for high-quality tactical and survival gear, look no further than the offerings from Armored Claw. Accessories like gloves and balaclavas that are useful both in day-to-day operations and in combat. The Armored Claw line of products was developed with officers of uniformed services in mind, so their target audience isn’t limited to airsoft enthusiasts.

All of the components of an Armored Claw glove are of the highest quality and have been rigorously tested over many years to ensure their reliability and durability. Original Kevlar® and Nomex® fibres by Dupont® and Keprotec® protective material by Schoeller Switzerland® are just a few examples. A variety of materials, including Spandex, neoprene, natural leather, and synthetic leather, are used to create a product that feels great in the user’s hand, breathes well, and fits snugly.

There’s a wide range of protective options available within the Armored Claw family of gloves. A product for every user’s needs is available from this manufacturer: gloves that resist cuts, gloves that are fireproof, gloves that are reinforced to withstand significant impact and trauma are just a few examples.

The Hot Weather series is the best way to beat the heat on days when the sun is shining. In even the most high-stress situations, your hand won’t get sweaty thanks to the combination of high-quality materials and strategically placed ventilation holes. This line of gloves does not add extra padding while keeping the same thickness and durability of the outer material. As a result, the gloves don’t skimp on safety in any way, as they provide full coverage for the wearer’s hands.

Model Shield Cut ensures maximum safety from damage to the hands caused by striking hard surfaces or engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

The outer rigid protector is the most noticeable feature. Swiss Schoeller® made it using the authentic Keprotec® process. After moulding a polymer profile into the shape of a hand, Kevlar was applied to it to create a thick layer of armour that is highly effective at deflecting blows to the hand. The most sensitive area of the user’s hand is protected from painful abrasion thanks to the protector. The new fix is a set of finger protectors for the very tip of your index finger. Sewing the reinforcements into the outer layer makes them nearly invisible. As an added bonus, this solution won’t restrict your finger movement, which is a huge plus.

Even though Keprotec is used, the gloves’ remaining external layer is covered in Spandex, so they conform perfectly to the hand and have a lot of stretch. The interior of this model is upholstered in synthetic leather, and it has an extra layer of protection in all the high-wear areas.

The manufacturer has installed anti-slip panels on the inside of the thumb and index finger tips, making it possible to use touch screens without any problems. A convenient hook-and-loop closure on the outside allows for a customised fit by adjusting the circumference. The elasticized palm and lower half of the glove improve both wearability and conformity to the user’s wrist.

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