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When you need protection for your hands, Armored Claw gloves are the best option. In battle and in regular life. These gloves aren’t just for hobbyists who play with airsoft guns; the Armored Claw line was made with officers in the armed forces in mind.

The reliability and longevity of Armored Claw gloves are guaranteed by the use of premium, time-tested materials. Original Kevlar® and Nomex® fibres by Dupont® and Keprotec® protective material by Schoeller Switzerland® are just a few examples. Spandex, Neoprene, and both genuine and synthetic leathers were used to create gloves that were soft, breathable, and easy to mould to the user’s hand.

The Armored Claw product line includes many different types of protective gloves. All of this is done so the user can select the best model for his or her specific requirements: gloves that don’t catch fire, won’t tear, and are reinforced to withstand shock and other forms of trauma.

These gloves, called Smart Flex, are part of Armored Claw’s newest line of products. It’s made from a number of top-tier components, so it’ll keep you safe from mechanical harm, fire, and even knife attacks.

A rigid TPU shield on the outside is the main feature and the one that will be most noticed. Covered in foam for improved shock absorption, this material is made from a polymer that is extremely durable. The manufacturer has included the extremely helpful function of being able to remove the protector because the insert may become unnecessary for some users’ activities. The protector can be removed from its hook-and-loop-secured storage compartment if the user decides it is not necessary.

Kevlar® by DuPont®, a proprietary aramid fibre, is used for the exterior. It burns easily, doesn’t conduct electricity, and doesn’t dissolve in organic solvents. Cutting and abrasion resistance are its primary characteristics. The gloves improve protection against cuts that could otherwise result from handling a knife, glass, or other sharp objects.

Natural goat leather lines the inside of Smart Flex shoes, giving them a firm grip and great temperature regulation. A second layer of leather is used in vulnerable areas. Also, even when handling delicate objects, you’ll have complete control thanks to the leather’s thick yet supple construction.

Touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets can be operated with ease thanks to anti-slip panels on the thumb and finger tips. A glove’s outer hook-and-loop fastener provides comfortable circumference adjustment, and the glove’s elastic lower half makes it easier for the glove to conform to the wearer’s wrist.

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