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Armorer Works – Custom .38 SuperComp (AW-HX2401 – Silver)


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Armorer Works – Custom .38 SuperComp (AW-HX2401 – Silver)


The AW CustomTM Skunkworks team painstakingly designed the compensator and slide form, taking great care to balance every cut and part, and producing a race pistol with virtually no muzzle rise.

The HX24 has a fully ported slide and compensator to minimize weight on the front end, as well as deep blade grooves in the slide to offer an aggressive gripping surface.

With every shot you take, the extremely precise tolerances on fit and finish of this pistol are felt.


Box Length: 337mm
Box Width: 205mm
Box Height: 55mm
Pistol Length: 271mm
Pistol Height: 151mm
Pistol Weight (No Mag): 753.0g
Magazine Weight: 336.8g
Inner Barrell Length: 166mm
Muzzle Velocity: 350 FPS

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