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Assault Pack

A very comfortable Assault Pack made from nylon. Thanks to a well-planned assortment of pockets and compartments, the backpack is very capacious despite its compact size. The straps are adjustable in two ways: at shoulder height and at the bottom of the backpack. The pack can be easily and quickly taken off due to buckles located at the ends of the straps. 

Features also a belt connected with straps via a buckle. The inside of the straps is laid with a soft padding that prevents the straps from clawing into the wearer’s shoulders. The back part has a compartment for a hydration bladder. The largest internal compartment features a through-going zipper closure that ends at the backpack’s bottom. Before it is a smaller, internal compartment. 

In the front are two additional pockets. The entire surface of the pack features a webbing. This allows to customize the pack for a long-term trip. Attachment of additional pouches, a sleeping mat or a canteen is not a problem. The pack becomes very functional. Measurements of the pack: 400x250x200 mm. 

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