BASE 27k Brushless Motor (Long)


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Brushless Motor High Speed BASE 27k (Long)

The engines by Warhead Industries with brushless design are a real revolution in the field of tuning airsoft replicas. The use of a brushless motor will bring the replica’s performance to a higher level, while offering the user much greater reliability, efficiency and adjustment options than in the case of traditional motors. Due to their structure, brushless motors wear out much slower and are able to generate higher torque without wasting energy. 

Warhead Industries engines are so called “drop-in” components, which means that without any complicated operations, we can replace this element in the replica.

The BASE version of the engines was made at a more affordable price.

Benefits of brushless motors:

– high torque-to-weight ratio
– increased torque per watt of power consumption (increased efficiency)
– high reliability
– reduced noise emission during operation
– longer engine life (no erosion of brushes and commutators)
– elimination of ionizing sparks from the commutator (ESD)
– high reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Features of the Warhead Industries brushless motors:

– high-quality magnets
– high temperature resistant copper winding
– built-in ESC (Electronic Speed Controler)
– Low voltage cut-off and battery discharge protection
– easily removable pinion gear
– rotation speed for 11.1V battery: ~27000 RPM

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