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The most stunning views always at hand!

and solid binoculars whose high quality of making and best optical properties come along. Especially
recommended for tourists,
bird watchers
outdoor military
It is perfect for watching sport events
as well as music concerts and other great stage

Magnification of 8x and objective diameter of 21mm are standard ones,
which guarantees that the equipment will prove itself in any observational
provide you with
bright, clear and contrastive images
. Lenses were covered with
special layers of
magnesium fluoride,

which increases light transmission factor and guarantees natural imaging of
. Layers of the sort eliminate most of the
random light gleams, which are so typical for lower class binoculars. In the
central part of the binoculars there are prisms of precious glass,
made on the basis
of the German Schmidt-Pechan system
. This ensures wide visual field while small dimensions are preserved. Thanks to
this the binoculars fit in a chest pocket, a handbag or a side pocket of a
backpack – shortly – it is always at hand whenever anything interesting is happening.
A convenient central focusing ring enables quick focus setting. The binoculars
are also equipped with an additional diopter adjustment ring.

durable body was made of aluminium and padded with a protective rubber armour.
It prevents the binoculars from being damaged, absorbs the shock and guarantees
solid grip, which only confirms that this equipment can serve for years.

the set you will find a practical case, which can be attached to a belt on your hip,
and a string to prevent the binoculars from being accidentally dropped.

equipment by Opticon is made of safe and tested materials and is covered by a full 2 year warranty of
the producer.

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