BOLT DEVGRU EXT (B.R.S.S.) Carbine Replica – Black


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Carbine Replica

B4 DEVGRU EXT (B.R.S.S.) carbine
by Taiwanese
BOLT Airsoft company is undoubtedly a
significant step forward in the evolution of AEG replicas
. Due to
implemented innovative solutions, it was finally possible to mimic
the experience of using a GBBR type replica in a AEG
type replica. In short, BOLT Airsoft was able to create an assault rifle
replica that truly has a “kick” that it should have.

The replica was made from high-quality
materials with the utmost care for details. All metal elements were made
of aluminum. Furthermore, some elements were made of steel. These
include: the flash hider, magazine and stock mounting ring. The alignment of
elements is not a subject of any concern. There are no loose spots,
especially between the upper and lower receivers, which is characteristic for
“top shelf” replicas. An interesting solution is also the inconsistent paint
job of the replica. Instead of a deep black color often seen in replicas, here
we have different shades of black and a barrel and many other small elements in
a steel color. This allowed bringing the appearance of the replica closer to
that of the original, giving it a more realistic look. This effect is further
reinforced by the use of a paint that gives the surface a grainy texture.

The replica features a multi-position,
telescopic EMOD stock – featuring a thick, rubber stock pad and sockets
for the attachment of a QD tactical sling. The stock features also a compartment
for spare batteries or small items.
The top of the replica has a RIS 22 mm
rail that allows for the attachment of additional accessories such as iron
sights included in the set. The handguard with 22mm
RIS rails one each side is also equipped with a grip that enhances the handling
of the replica. 

The greatest asset of this replica is
undoubtedly the recoil and bolt operation simulation system.
It consists of two independent elements: a standard bolt operation imitation
known from a majority of EBB replicas and a separate system installed inside
the stock slide. This system consists of springs, an inertia element and a
system that transfers the energy from the piston to the inertia element. The
experience offered by the implementation of this solution cannot be compared
with anything else offered so far by other serial manufacturers of AEG
replicas. An important fact is that due to certain construction differences
resulting from the implementation of Blow Back system, the replica is to a
large degree compliant with the V.2 standard set by TM. The only important
difference is the piston with a characteristic notch. It is, however, equipped
with an array of metal teeth, which guarantees a significant durability. The
compatibility of remaining parts of the gearbox guarantees an easy tuning as
well the access to spare and maintenance parts if needed. A
high-quality Hop-Up chamber
in combination with a 6.01 mm precision
guarantees an excellent performance.

Attention: The set does not include
a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– magazine
– User’s manual

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