Carbonvision 9307.375 Low-Profile Protective Goggles

Carbonvision 9307.375 Low-Profile Protective Goggles


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Carbonvision 9307.375 Low-Profile
Protective Goggles

implementation of ultra-modern materials and manufacture technologies allows Uvex to construct frames of reduced size in combination
with high mechanical durability. Uvex Carbonvision 9307 protective goggles offer an unmatched
level of comfort to the user despite their high level of mechanical stability.
A layer of thermoplastic polyurethane in the frame provides ideal individual
adaptation that is easy to clean and maintain. The goggles weigh barely 46 g
and are without a doubt one of the most lightweight protective goggles with a
wide field of view available on the market. They allow for extended work time
without loss of focus and problems connected with comfort, which improves the
user’s efficiency.

Uvex Supravision

covered with uvex supravision
extreme coating are more resistant to scratches on the outside and never mist
over on the inside. Lenses do not mist over because the coating never reaches
its saturation point. Especially intended for work in places with high humidity
and a long time of condensation.

Product Features:

Panoramic, low-profile construction with innovative frames, band and material
which reduces the weight of the goggles
 – most advanced materials combine hard and soft components that adapt to
the user’s face by creating soft, efficient seals around the eyes
 – Soft sealing protects against dust, liquid splash and mechanical
 – Easy and hygienic cleaning is assured by the ability to detach the
lenses from the frame
 – Adjustable, high quality strap provides individual, pressure-free
 – Uvex Supravision
Extreme lens coating provides excellent protection from misting over
 – Compatible with other means of personal protection such as masks, ear
protection and helmets
 – Available also with neoprene mask and detectable

class of lenses is determined based on their optical parameters. Face and eye
protection measures are divided into 3 classes. Lenses of the 1 optic class are
intended for continuous usage (as such these glasses can be used also as protective
glasses for every day use), while class 3 glasses – for short-term use.


aforementioned is a top quality product that has undergone stress tests
appropriate for its durability class. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to
impact of solid objects within its durability class or granted certificates.
Despite all this, in case of inadequate adjustment of the product, usage of
this eye protection does not exclude bodily harm, for instance, resulting from
the BB finding its way under the protective glass when ricocheting. That is why
prior to use, it is recommended to properly adjust the eye protection to the
individual needs of the user. Protective qualities of the product can also be
subject to change as a result of improper use and maintenance of the
aforementioned product, for instance, by cleaning the lenses with improper
agents. The vendor does not bear any responsibility for bodily harm that may
result from improper adjustment and/or usage of the product.

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