CM009A4 rifle replica



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Length: 1000 mm
Weight: 3155 g
Made of: metal and plastic
Muzzle velocity: ~430 FPS
Manufacturer: CYMA

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CM009A4 rifle replica 

The newest series of the American assault rifles’ replicas which is made by the CYMA company. The replica characterizes itself with the quality offered for a reasonable price which is known from the other product of this manufacturer.

The make is fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui standard, the replicas are equipped with metal hop-up chamber and the M120 type main springs which guarantee the muzzle velocity of about 430 FPS what makes them a highly efficient tool to operate on middle distances.

The particular parts of the replica are made in a way guarantying a proper fitting of the inner parts and the placement of the electronic and mechanical elements of the outer construction.

The replica is made of metal and plastic. The use of the metal gearbox in the replica ensures an extended operation than in the case of the fully plastic equivalents. Thanks to the metal gearboxes, the replica can be highly modified in order to improve the replica’s power.

The application of the classic full stock in the replica allows to use a high capacity battery. There is a removable carrying handle located on the top of the replica, it facilitates the transport of the replica.  In that place you can easily mount a red-dot sight or a scope.

The carbine has got an adjustable hop-up system to which we gain access by pulling the cocking handle and which opent the dust cover which hides the adjustment knob.


The set includes:

the replica,
– the magazine,

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