CM040J assault rifle replica

CM040J assault rifle replica


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CM040J assault rifle replica

The family of CM replicas based on popular Russian assault rifles has been complemented with a new line – modified with a range of ‘tactical’ accessories, increasing ergonomy and possibilities of configuration of this classical design.

The replica has been perfectly matched, there are no backlashes here, the product was thoroughly finished in mat, black colour. Steel, aluminium, alloy of Zn and Al as well as polymers were used in the construction process. The receiver, the folding stock, the dust cover, the trigger guard and the fire selector were made of steel. The gas pipe together with the RIS rail were made of aluminium, whereas the front and the pistol grips are of plastic.

The replica has got a frame stock folded at side. On the gas pipe there is a 22mm RIS mounting rail, which allows to equip the rifle with additional accessories. Moreover, on the left side of the body the AK side rail was located – this allows to mount dedicated scopes or additional RIS rails. On the right side there is a fire selector, distinctive of AK

Disassembling of the replica and mounting additional accessories is eased by the design itself based on pins and levers – similar to the real steel and other AK replicas in the popular standard VFC. The outer barrel ends with a 14mm right-hand thread, where the flash hider was mounted. The replica’s battery is located under the dust cover (included in the set).

The replica is driven by a very reliable and easy to upgrade gearbox v.3 with a strengthened frame. A set of steel racks , steel 7mm slide bearings, a strengthened piston and spring slide  were mounted inside. Efficiency is ensured by a 455mm long inside barrel and a tight metal Hop-up chamber.

The replica goes together with a plastic hi-cap magazine with capacity of 500 BBs

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine

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