CM16 SRXL Assault Rifle Replica

CM16 SRXL Assault Rifle Replica


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CM16 SRXL Assault Rifle Replica

A CM16 SRXL assault rifle
replica by G&G made as a part of the  Combat Machine project whose
aim is to deliver high quality replicas at a price that may be considered
economic. Combat Machine replicas are characteristic for their highest,
distinctive of G&G products craftsmanship, reliability and high quality of
materials used. The main factor that allows to reduce the price is the use of a
high quality glass fibre
reinforced polymer
instead of metal.

Polymer parts include: the
body, pistol grip, stock and muzzle device. Metal parts on the other hand
include: KeyMod handguard,
outer barrel, spring slide, latches and majority of small elements.

The replica is perfect for
operating on a medium range with a muzzle velocity of ~400 FPS. The implemented
top RIS rail allows for the attachment of any optical sight, whereas a
multi-position stock, which holds the battery, allows for adjustment of the
replica to the preferences of an individual user. The set includes a kit of flip-up iron sights.

The GB aside from typical for
G&G high quality parts is equipped with an innovative ETU (Electronic
Trigger Unit) system. The system completely replaces the connector cube and
fully takes over the function of a MOSFET module. Due to electronic operation
of the trigger, the system has gained a remarkable responsiveness to the
trigger. Each pull results in a full operation cycle of the GB. 

The ETU system has the ability
to program fire modes. The user by default has the access to SAFE – SEMI – FULL
AUTO – 3 round burst modes. The programming process is trivial – the user needs
only to select the SEMI option and pull the trigger for 10 seconds. Once that
is done, the third option of the fire mode selector will initiate the selected

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes: 

– replica
– magazine

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