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CM360 Shotgun Replica

A family
of Cyma shotguns, which is characteristic for having exactly the same features
as other products from this well-known manufacturer. These, most of all,
include solid quality of craftsmanship and good performance in combination with
attractive price tag. CM360 is a spring-action replica with, most
importantly, even 3 internal barrels! This allows to fire 3 BBs
at the same time
with one squeeze of the trigger, thus providing a
significant advantage on the battlefield. Especially during airsoft
skirmishes following CQB scenarios (and not only!). 6 mm ammunition is loaded
into a shells replica with a capacity of 30 BBs, which is then
placed inside the bullet chamber – this provides an additional dose of realism.

elements of the replica fit very well together. Metal parts include the
external barrel, forend slide, chamber plate, tactical sling swivels and shell
ejection window plate. Remaining elements such as the pistol grip, forend,
receiver and stock were made strong from polymer.

charging handle, thanks to anti-slip texture is comfortable in use and
its operation is smooth – after a bit of practice you can easily fire quickly
and efficiently.

and shell chamber plate lock are located next to the trigger, which makes their
operation quick and intuitive. CM360 has a comfortable, fixed stock with a
thick rubber stock pad.

replica is compatible with 30 BB shells from other manufacturers, including:
GFC Guns and Double Eagle.

The set includes:

– 1 x shell
– BB speedloader
– cleaning rod

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