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CM702B sniper rifle replica 

CM702B  replica manufactured by CM is a spring replica of a popular bolt-action sniper rifle. Replica’s body is very solid and was manufactured from high quality reinforced polymer. Stock is ended by a foot made from thick rubber. What’s interesting – stock foot is fully adjustable, what makes it easier to fit it perfectly into shooter’s preferences. On the body you can also find two metal mounts for weapon sling or bipod. Replica is delivered in two parts what makes trainsporting it easier. Placing them together literally takes a while and requires the use of several hex screws..

All other elements were made from metal, including one-piece outer barrel, iron sights, trigger guard, lock assembly with reload handle. Despite the relatively strong spring used in a stock replica reloading is very easy – everything fits vell and moves smoothly.

Checking the inner parts we can find effective 430mm inner barrel and spring mechanism based on popular and proven APS-2 system manufactured by Maruzen. Right next to the grip trigger lock lever was placed and it can be operated by thumb. Hop-up system is adjusted using the lever placed on the outer barrel. Trigger is also adjustable.

Polymer magazine with 25BB’s capacity is also added to the set.

Set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– scews and keys for installation
– ramrode
– speedloader

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