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Com II Headset

The set features two microphones (one at each earpiece), which capture sounds from the outside and enhance them. The user may adjust the volume according to individual preferences. Adjustment of radio and headset volume levels enables balancing both sound levels, which allows hearing both radio communication and sounds from the environment. It is even possible to adjust the headset in such a way so as to boost the sounds from the environment in order to enhance hearing perception or to mute them completely if they make perception of radio communication difficult or disrupt focus.

Furthermore, all sounds harmful to hearing are reduced in volume to levels safe for the human ear. Once the harmful sound has stopped, settings of the headset are reverted to normal levels. The set features an adjustable, artificial leather coated arm, which enables adjustment to the head of any user. The microphone is mounted on an elastic arm. Powered by two AA batteries. In order for the set to be complete, it is necessary to combine it with a PTT module and a radio.


We can guarantee full compatibility and seamless operation only of products from the same manufacturer. In the case of using the product with supplement products from a different manufacturer (headsets, PTT buttons, cables, adapters, etc.) we cannot guarantee full compatibility and correct operation of the set.

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