Complete reinforced gearbox for the M4 type replicas with motor



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Complete gearbox
Version: V2
Bearings: 7mm, slide bearings
Weight: 512g
Neodymium motor included in the set
Manufacturer: CYMA

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reinforced gearbox for the M4 type replicas with motor



The reinforced complete V2 version gearbox was designed to be
mounted in the M4 replica series. It is a perfect solution for those who want
to buy a good gearbox in a reasonable price. The gearbox’s frame was adapted to
mount 7mm bearings and the V3 version allows to use it in the M4/M16 family
carbine replicas.


The firing mode selection lever which is used in this
model allows for a troublefree mount of the gearbox in the M4 type replicas.
All you need to do is connect the motor and the power source and you can start
shooting. The M115 main spring allows to gain the muzzle velocity of about 330
FPS what is perfect to operate on short distances.


The set includes the complete gearbox with wiring and
the motor which’s construction is bases on neodymium magnets.

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