CXP-HOG Assault Rifle Replica – Black


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CXP-HOG Assault Rifle Replica

CXP-HOG assault rifle replica was made from metal and high quality polycarbonate polymer. A two-part receiver together with the stock slide and key-mod grip were made from metal, while the profiled pistol grip, stock and flip-up iron sights were made from a polymer.

A known and characteristic feature of all M4 type replicas by ICS is the unique, two-part design of the receiver that enables rapid exchange of the upper module and adapt the power of the replica to the requirements of the current situation on the battlefield. Another used here, unique, solution is the main spring release (the release of the spring without firing a shot takes place once the fire mode selector is placed in a SAFE option) that allows to considerably prolong the replica’s lifetime. 

Outer elements are fully compatible with parts from other renowned companies – with the exception of the gearbox skeleton, nozzle and tappet, of course. A standard in this replica – all internal parts are reinforced, which means CXP-HOG is an ideal base for any further development or tuning. 

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes: 

– replica

– magazine


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