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CYMA – CM352 Shotgun Replica – Black


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  • Weapon category: Shotgun
  • FPS: 300-350
  • Length: 900/640mm
  • Weight: 1805g
  • Material: Polymer/Metal
  • Colour: Black
  • Magazine: 30 BB Shotgun Shell
  • Magazine capacity: 30 BBs
  • Hop-Up: Fixed
  • Selector mode: Safe/Tri Shot

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In stock

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CYMA – CM352 Shotgun Replica – Black

All of the other products made by this brand, including the Shotgun series by Cyma, share the same distinguishing qualities. These values include quality craftsmanship, an acceptable level of performance, and a price range that is reasonable. The CM352 is a replica of a shotgun with a spring-operated action, and what’s more important is that it has three inner barrels! Because of this, it is possible to fire three BBs at the same time, which directly results in a greater advantage on the battlefield. In particular, but not exclusively, during close quarters battles played with airsoft CQB guns. The chamber of the replica is then loaded with a 6mm BB, which is then placed inside a shell replica that has the capacity to hold up to 30 additional BBs. All of that contributes to the gun having a more realistic appearance.

Certain components of the replica have been assembled with an excellent level of precision. The inner barrel, grip slide, shell ejection flap, tactical sling swivels, barrel clasp, and bulletchamber flap are all examples of components that are made out of ZnAl. Steel was used in the construction of a stock that could be collapsed. The remaining components, such as the pistol grip, body, and sliding forearm handle, were fabricated out of a polymer that is extremely long-lasting.

The anti-slip texture of the sliding forearm makes it extremely comfortable to use, and its operation is very smooth; with just a little bit of practise, one can provide rapid and consistent fire. When fired from all three barrels, a BB will have a slight curl to it, which will result in a more accurate shot.

Because the button for the safety and the button that locks the chamber in place for bullets are both located right next to the trigger, using them is very simple and straightforward. The CM352 has a steel stock that can be folded down and stored on top of the body when not in use. This enables a rapid reduction in the size of the replica, which is useful for a variety of purposes, including transportation and operation in confined areas.

The set includes:

–          A replica

–          1 x shell

–          Speedloader

–          A cleaning rod





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