DE.50 Pistol Replica

DE.50 Pistol Replica


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DE.50 Pistol Replica
A replica of a legendary Israeli
pistol by KWC made from high quality, elastic polymer (pistol grip, trigger
guard and lower skeleton) as well as uniform zinc and aluminium
alloy (two-piece slide, magazine). Metal parts include the slide as well as
majority of finishing elements.

In terms of size it was made in a 1:1 ratio in comparison to the live firearm. An
important feature of this model is a magazine with a capacity of up to

Thanks to the implementation of
compressed carbon dioxide as a power source, the replica has a powerful muzzle
velocity of ~410 FPS. It is important to note that a significant amount of gas
is used with each shot in order to set into motion the heavy slide. This
incredibly effective
system allows the replica to provide additional, unforgettable
experience with every shot.

The type of implemented propulsion
allows the replica to be used also in low temperatures. It is vital to remember
about proper maintenance and greasing of the replica.

The implementation of adjustable Hop-Up system guarantees maintaining a stable and extended
range of a BB by providing the BB with a reversed spin.

The replica is incredibly heavy for a
sidearm and at the same time very solidly built. One must not forget that the
live firearm original is a legend among pistols and indispensably associated
with action movies and computer games. The replica features a double-sided,
winged trigger safety and rubber, anti-slip grip. Furthermore, the trigger
operates in a

(Single Action) mode, which means that the gun can fire only when the
hammer has been cocked beforehand using a hand or a slide motion.

The set includes:

– magazine
– hex key

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