Dye I4 Protective Mask – Black / Clear




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Made of: Plastic
Kit weight: 330g
Visor color: Smoke
Standard: ASTM, CE
Color: black
Manufacturer: DYE

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Dye I4 Protective Mask – Black / Clear

The iconic protective mask of the renown Dye brand is a great choice for all those who are looking for uncompromising and comfortable face protection during airsoft games. The phenomenal ventilation of the masks combined with the double visor ensures that the glass does not fog up even in the most difficult conditions, which improves the users comfort and safety. Thanks to specially designed covers, the mask does not hinder communication while maintaining practically full audibility, and the ergonomic design fits the face well.

The i4 version is more economical while at the same time retaining all of the most important features of the more expensive counterpart, such as a removable visor or perfect ventilation.

Adjustable with elastic straps on the back of the mask. 

The visors for the i4 version are fully compatible with the i5 version and provide the same wide field of vision.

The mask is certified: ASTM F1776-10

The set includes:

– Dye I4 protective mask

– transport cover

– Instructions

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