G&G – SR15 E3 MOD2 Carbine M-LOK – Black



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G&G – SR15 E3 MOD2 Carbine M-LOK – Black


A highest-quality and class replica made of highest-quality materials by a known and renowned G&G company. Due to the materials used and technologies implemented, the replica is intended for most demanding Users that value realism and quality. 

The replica was made mainly of metal. Metal parts include the modern and aggressively looking receiver, M-LOK mounting system rails, the barrel, muzzle device, manipulators and the stock slide. Polymer parts include the ergonomic stock, pistol grip and a Mid-Cap 90 BB magazine. 

The stock features room for a battery with a Tamiya-mini connector. The replica uses a profiled pistol grip that improves the grip and the comfort of usage. An enlarged charging handle, a custom trigger or double-sided manipulators provide the replica with a unique, custom character.

The replica stands out from other G&G replicas in terms of internal parts used as well as the quality of exterior craftsmanship. The replica features two electronic systems: MOSFET system located in the stock slide and a G2 ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) system. Both systems extend the lifetime of the replica and improve its parameters like the trigger reaction time and rate of fire.

SR15 is equipped with a novelty from G&G – Gearbox G2 which is characteristic for:

– reinforced construction
– quick spring change system
– double air-sealed parts of the pneumatic system
– specially-designed gears for better efficiency

The MOSFET system enables the programming of 3-5 round bursts, informs about low battery charge and a damaged gearbox. 

The ETU system implemented in the replica together with dedicated magazines cuts off the power after the last BB has been fired.

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