G&G – KAR98K Rifle Replica – Green Gas/CO2- Wood



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G&G – KAR98K Rifle Replica – Green Gas/CO2- Wood

The KAR98K rifle replica produced by the G&G company was made of a homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminium and wood. The whole body of the replica is made outstandingly aesthetically with keeping care of the construction details and the used materials. The metal elements do not leave anything more to wish for. They bear the markings very similar to the original markings.

The replica is powered with green gas or 8g CO2 capsule. Each of the two includes magazines holds 9 BB pellets.

The replica needs to be reloaded before shooting each shot. It is worth mentioning that the replica will not allow you to finish reloading if only an empty magazine is encountered by the bolt.

The long barrel and the replica’s specific built, in addition to the high muzzle velocity, allow to give precision shots on significant ranges. Of course, in this situation it couldn’t go without allowing the shooter a comfortable and effective adaptation of mechanical aiming sights depending on the situation and the user’s needs.

A comfortably placed and allowing to regulate the BB pellet’s trajectory Hop-Up system significantly improves the replica’s performance while shooting on greater distances.

The replica is equipped with a ZF-41 mounting rail allowing to attach a dedicated scope to the replica and also a good quality replica of a tactical sling.

For sure, the KAR92K replica made by G&G will find recognition among every historic weaponry fan. The high quality and the enormous aesthetics guarantee the replica’s first place among other replicas of this type.

The set includes: 

– the replica
– two magazines
– a tactical sling
– a test set of BB pellets
– a cleaning rod
– a hexagonal wrench
– a user’s manual

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