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GHK – GKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle (AK Series – GHK-GKS74U) – Black


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GHK – GKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle (AK Series – GHK-GKS74U) – Black


GHK are renowned for their reputation in delivering ultimate realism with all of their products. Paired up with LCT on the external build of their AK range, GHK will leave you less than satisfied when handling an AK by almost any other manufacturer. This AKS74U is an amazingly realistic replica of one of the most commonly used military rifles in the world, the Kalashnikov is still widely used in the Russian military. It is a successor to the older AK74, made shorter and more compact for use with tank and helicopter crews as well as special forces.

The receiver of this replica is made of stamped steel, as is the dust cover and folding stock. The majority rest of the metal parts and internals are made from machined steel, including the chunky Krink muzzle device, required on the real one in order to stop it from essentially becoming a flamethrower due to the short barrel. The handguards are made from real wood and are finished beautifully with a laminate finish very well done. The pistol grip and magazine are made from a tough and durable nylon reinforced polymer with steel features and details, such as magazine baseplate and handguard caps. It’s heavy, solid and robust feeling, as any AK should. And performs brilliantly while being as realistically feeling as possible, without sacrificing performance. As an airsoft replica running on gas or co2 magazines, GHK opted to utilise a half travel bolt. This means that the bolt only reciprocates around half as far back as the real version with every shot. The jolt of the heavy bolt rocking back and forth is still extremely satisfying and realistic, but is more gas efficient and consistent than replicas that feature a full travel bolt, as less gas is required to operate the action.

The fit and finish and attention to detail is superb. Magazines on GHK AK rifles can be particularly tricky to load without the included speed loader adapter so do be sure to keep it safe. As the externals are manufactured by LCT, it is of course compatible with the wide range of accessories available by them also. Including a whole selection of different handguards and top covers with rail attachments for accessories and optics and grips, as well as different stock types. Making the customisation possibilities of the rifle virtually endless. The GHK AKs are the ultimate AK for collectors and skirmishers.


  • Brand: GHK (Externals made by and compatible with LCT)
  • Type : Gas Blowback
  • Length : 490mm – 730mm (Foldable)
  • Weight : 2950g
  • Velocity(Fps) : Approx 345 with .20g BBs and Green Gas
  • Inner Barrel Length : 245mm
  • Inner Barrel Diameter : 6.03±0.01
  • Material : Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Nylon Polymer, Real Wood Handguards
  • Fire Mode : Safe/Semi/Full Auto
  • Magazines: GHK AK Magazines both Gas and CO2
  • Magazine : 50 Rounds (Low Cap Magazine)
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Barrel Thread Type : 24mm CW
  • Includes Speed Loader Adapter



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