GC7A1 Assault Rifle Replica- Black

By G&G
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GC7A1 is a replica by G&G belonging to a theme series of replicas of various European countries and of the world. The collection is continuously broadened by new models. In this case we are talking about an assault rifle replica used by, among others, an army of one of North American countries.

The replica features the highest, characteristic for G&G craftsmanship quality and reliability as well as that of materials used. Most of main components of the replica (body, outer barrel) were made from metal. Elements such as the stock, handguard or pistol grip were made from a fiber glass reinforced polymer.

The usage and functionality of GC7 does not differ in any way from countless other M4/M16 replicas and is equally comfortable and intuitive. The access to the Hop-Up chamber is gained after the charging handle has been pulled back. The battery is stored inside a fixed stock. Thanks to significant space available inside it is possible to use a power source of considerable size and, as a result, of considerable capacity.

As in the live firearm, there is no top transport handle, but instead included, dedicated optics. It is an Elcan scope replica, with a fixed 4x scope, equipped with a mount for a standard, 22mm RIS rail. Exceptionally solid, made from metal, furthermore has a body covered in rubber, which increases its durability and resistance to mechanical damage.

The ability to attach additional accessories, such as tactical flashlights, laser sights is guaranteed by three short, metal RIS rails located on three sides of the front sight.

The replica is equipped with a modified, reinforced, 8mm bearing mounted gearbox v.2 with M120 spring in stock, which allows it to achieve a muzzle velocity of approx. 395 FPS straight out of the box. This and the implementation of 510mm long internal barrel makes this replica exceptional at medium and long range. Inside is a tight, pneumatic system equipped with high quality Hop-Up chamber and bucking.

The replica comes with a hi-cap Thermold magazine with a capacity of 450 BBs.

Does not include a battery or a charger.

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