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GOLDEN EAGLE – 8870 Shotgun Replica – Real Wood

Golden Eagle

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  • Weapon category: Shotgun
  • FPS: 300-350
  • Length: 960mm
  • Weight: 2410g
  • Material: Real Wood/Metal
  • Colour: Real Wood/Black
  • Magazine: 28 Round Reusable Shotgun Shells
  • Magazine capacity: 28 BBs
  • Hop-Up: Fixed
  • Blowback: No
  • Selector mode: Safe/Tri Shot

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In stock

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GOLDEN EAGLE – 8870 Shotgun Replica – Real Wood

A close quarters battle (CQB) replica shotgun of superior quality and smooth bore made by Golden Eagle is an excellent tool.

This replica shotgun is powered by Green Gas and is almost entirely made of metal. The barrel, the receiver, and the top rail of the RIS system are all made of metal. The natural wood is used for the parts that make up the stock and the forend.

In the lower portion of the stock is where you’ll find the port for loading gas. Near the trigger guard are two types of manipulators: the safety and the opener of the cover that conceals the access to the chamber that can hold shells.

The attachment of a variety of optical sights, such as red dot sights, is made possible by the top rail.

The use of three barrels and a Hop-Up system that is fixed ensures a range of less than thirty metres and a muzzle velocity of three hundred feet per second, making it ideal for close quarters battle (CQB) situations. Each casing can hold a total of 28 BBs.

The set includes:

– replica
– 3 shells
– speedloader






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