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GPM1911 CPMS MK II Pistol Replica

Top quality Taiwanese GP1911 replica. The replica was created by the Taiwanese company – G&G, known for its quality. 

The replica was made out of durable plastic. The slide, the frame, the manipulators – all these elements are made out of polymer. The pistol grip and the elegant non-slip linings are made out of plastic.

The manufacturer’s markings are applied on the slide and the frame. The set also includes a metal gas magazine. The whole thing is packed in an elegant, closed suitcase with the manufacturer’s logo. 

The interior of the replica features a few interesting, previously unheard of solutions. The first of them is a high-flow gas valve equipped with a microfilter responsible for passing perfectly selected amounts of gas only in the gaseous state – the rest remains in the magazine. The use of this special valve is also to prevent uncontrolled gas leakage, thus it improves the safety of using the replica. Another interesting solution is a the cylinder valve equipped with blades that make it rotate around its axis. The gas that simultaneously turns the valve and dispenses the gas to launch the BB creates a pressure that withdraws the slide.  

Another interesting thing is that the Hop-Up adjustment is placed in the outer barrel, and for its adjustment, we receive a bullet-shaped key. (Details in the manual)

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– speedloader
– transport case
– Hop-Up adjustment key

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