Hi-Capa 4.3 Maple Leaf OPS Special Edition pistol replica – black



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Maple Leaf Inside
Materials: metal + plastic
Weight: 940g
Length: 200mm
Color: black
Muzzle velocity: ~350 FPS
Propulsion / Powered by: Green Gas
Manufacturer: WE

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Hi-Capa 4.3 Maple Leaf OPS Special Edition pistol replica

The replica is made out of metal and plastic. The pistol grip, the magazine release and some elements of the internal mechanism are made of plastic. The remaining elements are made of metal, which gives the replica a realistic feel and durability. The metal slide and a perfect fit ensure a long and hassle-free usage of the gun.

The replica is very well balanced. The profiled handle has a rough surface, thanks to which the gun lies firmly in the hand. The Blow-Back system adds realism to the shooting, and an efficient bolt-catch will lock the slide in the rear position after the last pellet is fired from the magazine.

The model has two safety switches, securing the pistol against self-firing – classic safety lever type, and on the rear part of the pistol grip. This solution requires an appropriate grip in order to shoot. 

This version has a standard 6.02 mm precision barrel, a Hop-Up 60 ° bucking and a complete Hop-Up chamber provided by Maple Leaf – known for its high quality products for GBB replicas. The use of such parts in the stock makes the replica ready for use without the need for tuning.

The magazine is made of metal and can hold 30 BBs.

The whole set includes:

– the replica

– a magazine

– user manual

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