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ICS – CXP-APE Assault Rifle Replica – Half Tan


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ICS – CXP-APE Assault Rifle Replica – Half Tan

A copy of the CXP-APE assault rifle was constructed from metal and premium polycarbonate. While the contoured pistol grip, stock, and flip-up iron sights were composed of a polymer, the two-part receiver, iron sights, and key-mod grip were all made of metal.

The distinct, two-part design of the receiver, which facilitates quick interchange of the upper module and allows the replica to adjust its power to the demands of the present battlefield situation, is a well-known and distinguishing feature of all M4 type replicas by ICS. The manufacturer has implemented a ratio release mechanism that, upon setting the fire mode selection plate to safe, sets it in default position. This is done in order to ensure proper gear arrangement when building the receiver. This makes it possible to considerably increase a replica’s lifespan.

In addition to folding to the right and having a 6-setting adjustment, the stock also incorporates a movable cheek pad. There is space inside for a fuse and the battery storage. The replica has an electric blow-back system that launches the bolt when fired, which is noteworthy. Both left- and right-handed users were taken into consideration when making the replica. The charging handle may be attached to either the left or the right side, and the magazine release and fire mode choice buttons are likewise dual-sided.

With the exception of the gearbox skeleton, nozzle, and tappet, of course, outside pieces are completely interchangeable with components from other reputable manufacturers.

All internal elements are reinforced, which is a standard with this reproduction and makes it the perfect starting point for any additional development or tuning.

A battery or charger are not included with the package.


Included in the box:

– Replica

– Magazine

– Additional fuse

– Charging handle

– QD Mount

– 3 x RIS rails with KeyMod mounts

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