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JG – M16 VIETNAM – Rifle Replica


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JG – M16 VIETNAM – Rifle Replica

A replica of the assault rifle which during the Vietnam War was a standard issue weapon of the American troops. The replica was made of metal elements and of ABS plastic. The barrel guard, and the stock which holds the battery were made of plastic. The rest of the elements such as the receiver, outer barrel and the cocking handle were made of metal. The case of the short, often called as the Vietnam type, hi-cap type magazine (holding 190 BB pellets) is also made of metal.

The 510mm long barrel ensures a high precision of shots what in combination with the muzzle velocity of about 400 FPS makes the replica a precision weapon which is perfect for a frontline assault man or for a sharpshooter. The barrel is ended with a 14mm counter-clockwise thread which allows the mount of a sound suppressor. The front grip, just like the carrying handle, is typical for the A1 version of the rifle.

The replica is equipped with a reinforced gearbox case and a metal spring guide and also steel thread-wheels equipped with eight anti-reversals and. It is also equipped with a ball-bearing motor thread-wheel. The JG company’s parts are known of their durability and resistance to natural use what significantly improves the vitality of the replica and also lowers the costs of a possible power tune up. It needs to be mentioned that the replica is also equipped with a Hi-Torque type motor, a chromed cylinder and a directional piston head what significantly improves its efficiency and performance.
    The set includes:

 – the replica,

-a magazine,

-a battery,

– a charger,

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