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The RoundEye Compact is a compact, light microscope camera that can replace the eyepiece in our microscope. The camera enables you to view the observed object on the computer screen. The assembly of the camera is simple  – just insert it into the eyepiece tube to significantly increase the functionality of your microscope.

Take pictures and record videos

An optical microscope allows observing the detailed structures of various types of objects. Such observation is the basis of all biological research, great for sharing with others, and this is all made possible thanks to the RoundEye Compact camera. We can use it to conduct both live presentations, as well as take photos and record videos. The high 1920×1080 resolution provides good quality, detailed and colorful photos and recordings, on which the sample is clearly visible. They can then be used in professional research. The camera is compatible with eyepiece tubes with an internal diameter of 23.2 mm.

The set includes: 

– USB camera
– software CD
– USB cable

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