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DOUBLE BELL – Kar98k Rifle Replica – Polymer Version with Optics


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Kar98k Spring Powered Rifle Replica – Polymer Version + Optics

An exact replica of the fabled World War II weapon. The replica’s handguard and outer barrel overlay are composed of sturdy plastic coloured like wood. Metal makes up the barrel, slide, sights, trigger, and trigger guard.

Additionally, the producer made every effort to accurately replicate the shooting principle of the firearm counterpart. The replica fires 6mm BBs housed in unique shells. The five “rounds” are all inserted at once once the shells containing BBs have been loaded into the chamber in the same manner as a weapon – either manually, one at a time, or with the help of the so-called “boats,” which are positioned slightly above the chamber.

Bolt-action replica Kar98k, where the system has also been retained. We have to use the lever four times to reload the gun after each shot. Similar to real shooting, an empty shell emerges after each bullet has been fired and loaded. In this approach, the producer has increased the set’s scale and montage.

This rifle was an element of the equipment of units fighting on many fronts of World War II, that’s why it is currently used by many reenactors of that period. It’s a real treat for all collectors and enthusiasts!