KC-40DHN Pistol Replica



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KC-40DHN Pistol Replica

The gearbox frame was made of durable polymer with a uniquely adhesive texture that allows maintaining a grip under any conditions. The
slide, on the other hand, was made of metal, which excellently imitates

is powered by a 12 g CO2 capsule installed in the magazine in such a way that it is
possible to rapidly change it for another. Due to the implemented gas system,
the BBs are fired with a high muzzle velocity of around 120 m/sec.

On the right side of the pistol, as in the live firearm original, is an
easy-to-use trigger safety, which prevents an accidental discharge.

Furthermore, the pistol has a 22 mm mounting rail, to which a
tactical flashlight or a laser sight can be attached. Fixed iron sights consist
of front and rear sights. Both feature white dots that make aiming easier in
limited visibility conditions by considerably speeding it up.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– hex key

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