KP-1911 CO2 pistol replica

KP-1911 CO2 pistol replica


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KP1911 M pistol replica (CO2)

The replica made by the KJW company is made almost fully of metal. The only elements that are made of plastic are the pistol grip covers and some other minor elements of the inner mechanism. 

This model is made very neatly and is well balanced  what significantly increases its stability while using. The pistol’s weight – almost one kilogram – does not only increase the realism, but also allows to compensate the effect of the strong blow-back system. 

What is important, the replica can be easily and fast disassembled what is very important when using green-gas powered replicas. 

The replica is equipped with a thumb safety lever located on right side and it is within the reach of the thumb. This model also uses a functional back pressure safety. It ensures a proper grip in order to shoot with the replica.

We are dealing with a very realistic blow-back system. The slide moves backwards with each shot and, subsequently, goes to the initial position and loads the BB pellet at the same time. After shooting the last round and emptying the magazine the slide remains in the backwards position. The “kick” is very strong what is doubtless an advantage for the fans of increased realism in the encounter. 

The magazine is made of metal. It holds 25 BB pellets and a 12g CO2 capsule. Thanks to the use of the CO2 as the power source it is possible to operate with the replica in temperatures lower than the operating temperature of the green-gas powered replicas. At the same time, thanks to the use of proper valves the gas consumption efficiency increased.

The set includes: 

– the replica,
– a magazine,
– an Allen wrench for the magazine,  


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