KP07 CO2 pistol replica

KP07 CO2 pistol replica


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KP-07 pistol replica (CO2)

KP07 replica manufactured by KJ Works was made almost entirely from metal. Only elements made from polymer are some small parts from inner mechanism.In addition, grip covers are made of gum rubber, which provides a comfortable grip and increases the stability of the gun when handling it with gloves or in a moist environment.

The model is made very carefully and is well-balanced, which greatly improves its stability during use. Pistol weight – almost 1kg – makes it more realistic and balances strong blow-back system.

Importantly, the replica can be easily and quickly dismantled for cleaning, what is very important when using gas replicas.

The replica has sided wing fuse located within the thumb and index finger. The second form of protection against an accidental shot, f.ex due to snagging the trigger of the holster is lock, which is located behind the grip. There is no possibility of putting a shot if the replica is not properly held in the hand.

We are dealing with a very realistic blow-back. With each shot the slide moves backward, and then returns to the starting position while loading the next bullet into the chamber. After the last shot the slide remains in the rear position.

Set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– Allen key 

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