KP1911 pistol replica

KP1911 pistol replica


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KP1911 pistol replica (CO2)

The KJW made replica is made mostly from metal. Only elements made from polymer are grips and some small parts in the mechanism.

The replica is made with attention to details and well balanced, which increases stability when used. The weight not only increases realism, but also makes hard blow back recoil easier to bear.

What is important, the replica can be quickly field stripped for cleaning – it is very important in gas replicas.

The replica has thumb safety lever on the left side. The other safety that protects from accidental discharge is grip safety. There is no possibility to shoot the pistol if not holding it correctly in hand.

The replica features very realistic blow-back system. After each shot the slide moves to the back and returns while loading next bb into the chamber. After last shot the slide remains in back position.

The magazine is made from metal. It holds 25 bb’s and 12g CO2 capsule. Thanks to being CO2 powered, the pistol can be used in lower temperatures than green gas replicas. Additionally thanks to using better valves the gas consumption efficiency increased.

The set includes:

-allen wrench for magazine


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