L85-A3 – Dark Earth airsoft rifle (Deluxe Version)




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Materials: steel + aluminum + polymer
Weight: 3500g
Length: 775mm
Colour: Dark Earth
Muzzle velocity: ~ 380 FPS
Motor: electric
Manufacturer: ARES

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L85-A3 – Dark Earth airsoft rifle (Deluxe Version)

The A3 variant of the L85 is a modernized version of the classic bull-pup rifle used, among others, by British soldiers. Keeping up with the times, it features a light, aluminum KeyMod handguard and RIS / Picatinny mounting rails. Thanks to the bull-pup (stockless) design, the rifle is very compact and comfortable to operate, even in confined spaces, with the advantage of a long and effective inner barrel.

The steel body makes this airsoft rifle relatively heavy (3.5 kg weight), but the stockless arrangement guarantees great balance. Elements such as the muzzle device and the trigger guard are also made of steel, with the remaining metal parts made of aluminum or ZnAl. The pistol grip, stock pad and cheek rest are made of polymer.

The airsoft rifle is powered by a dedicated, reinforced ARES E.F.C.S. gearbox. with a quick spring change feature, a set of steel gears, a MOSFET unit with programmable fire modes (using separate programmer – not included in the set) and a trigger equipped with a microswitch.

Features of the airsoft rifle:

 steel sheet body

– light, CNC-made aluminum handguard

– RIS / Picatinny mounting rails + KeyMod sockets on the sides of the handguard

– compatibility with AR15 / STANAG magazines

– working bolt-catch

– reinforced ARES E.F.C.S. gearbox

– quick spring change system

 EBB – Electric Blow Back system

– flip-up folding sights

– rotary hop-up chamber

– space for battery inside the pistol grip

– set of steel gears

– programmable MOSFET and microswitch

 High Torque motor – two mid-cap 130-pellet magazines included

– steel flash suppressor with a 14mm CCW thread  


The set does not include battery and charger.  


The set includes:

– airsoft rifle

– 2 x mid-cap magazine

– suspension eyelet with KeyMod assembly

– user manual

– transport case


Additional accessories in the DELUXE version:

– L85 A3 scope with 4x magnification (SC-015)

– Micro red dot sight (SC-016)

– front grip with a foldable bipod for the RIS rail

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