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LCT – G03 NV assault rifle replica


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LCT – G03 NV assault rifle replica

The replica was made of the highest class of components, with high attention to detail and replicating the original firearm. Almost the whole replica, besides just a few minor elements is made of steel. The exception of course is the plastic made pistol grip and the front grip that is made of painted plywood. Even the folding stock was made of a homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminium in order to decrease the replica’s weight and to balance the replica even better.

Due to the materials that were used to produce the replica and the quality of make, the replica is characterized by extreme durability. We will not find any lose parts of imperfections in the make or element fitting. However, the internal parts allow for an easy power tune up providing both a long lasting and trouble free operation of the whole basic configuration.

The muzzle velocity of about 415 FPS that is guaranteed by the replica makes it a perfect choice for any assaulter. At the same time, the durability and quality of make ensure the ability of using the replica not only in ordinary airsoft skirmishes, but also as a simulation replica.

Thanks to the modification of the outer construction, the use of the replica is much more comfortable than in the case of the ordinary AK type replica. Thanks to the stock that folds to the side the transport of the replica is much easier just like using the replica is tight rooms during Close Quarter Battle skirmishes. The reduced length of the construction plays a significant part here as well.

Summing up, the G03 replica made by the LCT company is a perfect choice for any Russian army fan.

The set includes:

– the replica
– a magazine

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